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SkyJet Elite proudly fulfills a mission of providing high quality, safe and reliable point to point private jet travel at industry leading levels of efficiency, reliability and client satisfaction.

With a passion for aviation, full access to a growing fleet of highly desirable managed aircraft, 24/7 nationwide flight operations, personalized customer service, and decades of experience as operators and innovators—the SkyJet Elite leadership team is a robust aviation partner you can trust.


We look forward to serving you on your next flight.


Our Mission

Sky Jet Elite Corp is a company made up by professionals in the world of Aviation, dedicated to education, training, and consultancy in the aviation industry. Our headquarters are based in Broward, Florida (USA), although with worldwide operations, presence, and great relations.

We specialize in aviation as a career, providing the best training for pilots and cabin crew, including University education, a dedicated personal tutor, the possibility of building up flight hours whilst being remunerated and an interview with an airline once the Professional Pilot Program is completed successfully.

Additionally, we create programs specially designed to cover your needs. We are partners with many flight schools and universities in the USA, therefore we can select the best ones that cover your needs and expectations focusing your training on the requirements set by the countries and airlines of your preference.

We have a working relationship with many airlines around the world that will contact our Company to train pilots in accordance with FAA standards and industry best practices. We focus on making sure that the entire process is easy for the airlines. Our consultants are trained to meet the needs of the airlines. There are certain instances in which the airline may need tailored training for a specific aircraft or set up of new operating systems within the plane. In these cases, Sky Jet Elite will provide ad hoc consulting services to train the appropriate staff according to regulatory requirements.

Additionally, the Company has expanded into repairs and maintenance services over the last few years. This has allowed them to fill a large gap within South Florida airports that offer chartered flights or flight training services. The Company has integrated a repairs and maintenance group that will do routine maintenance and any additional ad- hoc repairs that may need to be done on smaller aircrafts. The Company maintains all repair inventory on hand in order to make sure they service their clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.