Aircraft Management

Your Asset…Our Dedication

We offer customized Part 135 (Charter) and Part 91 (Private) aircraft management solutions. SkyJet Elite can maintain the safe operation of your aircraft and generate revenue through our air charter programs by chartering your aircraft which helps defray the cost of ownership and provide ROI.

SkyJet Elite can handle everything from the initial aircraft acquisition to the management, maintenance, and day to day flight operations. If you are interested in offering your aircraft for charter, SkyJet Elite can take care of it all. If you currently own an aircraft or are considering the benefits of aircraft ownership, we are ready to help.

Fiscal Management

Each aircraft is treated as its own business unit with detailed and transparent accounting.


Fully dedicated maintenance group in place to keep your asset operating efficiently and safely.

Flight Coordination

Dispatch and Flight Coordination team supports and tracks every flight…everywhere…every time.

Full Owner Services Team

Providing ‘Single-Point-Contact’ for support and services to our owners.

High End Charter Marketing

Should you choose to have your aircraft conduct charter operations, our sales team is highly experienced, and will ensure that each aircraft movement optimizes revenue generation.

Fast and Affordable

Flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

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